I am avalaible for freelance.


As a Tech Artist, I stand out from a typical 3D artist because of two skills. The first one is my capacity to communicate with the different departments. I am the bridge between the artists and the programmers. The second is my ability to understand the needs of the different people around the meeting table.

On the short term, I am the person who helps the artists and the programmers. I help the artists who have difficulties with integration, how to use the database and optimize their different creations as much as possible. I make MaxScripts to help with the repetetive tasks in the team, such as a rig tool and a automatic animation exporter (See Scripts Page for detail). I make or write complexe shaders mostly linked to gameplay interactions (vertex color, gate, switch, color change, etc.) . With the programmers, I will make sure of the proper integration of the animations, as well as the different functionalities linked to them.

On the long term, I put together the production pipeline for art assets and I write different technical reference documents.